Hamilton police warn of phone, mail scam claiming people won $1.6 million

HAMILTON, Ohio – Hamilton police warn people to be wary of a new high-pressure scam being perpetrated through both the United State Postal Service and follow up phone calls.

Official-looking letters declaring recipients have won $1.6 million have hit Cincinnati area mailboxes over the past few weeks, Sgt. Ed Buns with the Hamilton Police Department warns.

Those notes, bearing a Canadian postmark that look like cashier checks ask the “winner” to call a number and provide bank routing information so the cash can be deposited into their accounts.

And while such scams to gain access to bank information are fairly typical, Buns said what makes this one so vicious is that the scammers are following up the mail delivery with high pressure phone calls. Those callers try to convince people to provide the bank information to them.

Hamilton police are warning everyone to be diligent when receiving such mail and to never give out personal information to anyone they do not know or if they cannot independently verify contest claims.

The U.S. Secret Service and Hamilton police are working together to track down who is operating the current scam.

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