Dog reported missing from Texas ends up in Hamilton

HAMILTON, Ohio -- A dog reported missing from a home in Texas wound up in Hamilton, Ohio Saturday, creating a mystery for the humane society - how did he get there?

The Journal News reports that a 3-year-old Chihuahua/dachshund mix named Corbin was found tied up to a bench in front of the Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton.

"Poor guy, it was raining so unfortunately, he was quite wet," Meg Stephenson, executive director of the Animal Friends said. "And we took him in right away and our staff scanned him for a microchip."

From his microchip, shelter staff found information for Texas-based owners Mike and Sharlette Saiz.

Workers with the shelter told The Journal news that the couple was "immediately confused and shocked" how their dog went more than 1,100 miles in four days. 

"My wife's just kinda, jaw hit the floor at that point, and so she told the lady, uh, 'We're in Texas,'" Mike Saiz said.

Corbin is headed back to Texas, according to the shelter. Networking and friends of Corbin's family were visiting Springfield when he was dropped off. They were happy to give him a lift back home.

"Either there's a lonely truck driver that just needed a buddy for a drive up to Ohio," Saiz said. "My wife thinks maybe he jumped in the back of somebody's U-Haul."

Corbin's journey back down to Texas is expected to end Wednesday night, in a reunion with his family.

"Personally, I'm just waiting to see the look on my son's face when our little guy comes back," Saiz said.

Surveillance at the shelter filmed a woman dropping off the dog Friday at the shelter's front door in the rain.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office is now looking for the woman for more information about how the dog ended up in the Tri-State. They ask anyone with information about the woman or who recognizes her to call the Office Dog Warden Division at 513-785-6542.

Read the full Journal News article.

WCPO's Scott Wegener contributed to this story.

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