Another scam hits Hamilton residents

New scam asks for money online

HAMILTON, Ohio -- Authorities say another scam is hitting Hamilton residents.

The Hamilton Police Department said Friday it received information that an online scam is affecting the community.

According to police, the scam involves a fake company called America Payday Loan.

The company asks for a payment -- using a Green Dot Moneypak card or transfer by Western Union -- and then tells the victim they need a certain amount of money put on a card for a “loyalty payment.”

If a person is persuaded into this scam, the scammer will call asking for more money by means of a Green Dot Moneypak and Western Union, authorities said. They tell victims they need the extra funds to “register” the loan.

Hamilton police are warning residents to be leery about wiring money when using Western Union or when obtaining a Green Dot Moneypak.

Another scam affecting Hamilton involves postcards delivered to residents offering money off at Target or Walmart.

Residents recently received letters in the mail claiming they were eligible for $100 in savings at Walmart or Target.

It then prompted the recipient to call a number, pay a $1 processing fee and provide a credit card number.

The Hamilton Police Department said these letters are part of a scam and anyone receiving them should not give out any credit card or banking information.

For questions about either of these scams, call the Hamilton Police Department at 513-868-5811, extension 2007.

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