Who is Chelsea Johnson? Friends and teachers remember her

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - The death of Chelsea Johnson has many people wondering what kind of person she was.

The 15-year-old had just started at a new school, was getting good grades and even had a part-time job. Her friends and teachers at Options Academy in Fairfaield say Johnson's determination and kind spirit is what they'll remember most. 

Johnson's English teacher, Ruth Gronostaj, says she was not only a good student, she had a good heart.

"She was very pleasant, always had a smile on her face, and when I first met her she was so excited to be here," Gronostaj said.

They both came to Options Academy at the beginning of the semester. Gronostaj said she got to know Johnson well through her writing. It was the journals and essays Johnson wrote about her family that helped the two of them connect.

"She felt that this was the place that she was comfortable and could be herself," she said.

Johnson also worked at the school store to make a little extra money. Staff at Options Academy said she really enjoyed the responsibility.

"She would come almost every week and she would want me to write a letter to her mother saying how well she'd been doing and look at my grades and can you tell my mother how I'm doing. She was very proud of herself," said Bob Polson, Options Academy Principal.

Grief counselors were at the school Tuesday and are expected on Wednesday to help students deal with her death.

"She was just a loving, caring person and was loved by everybody and I mean going to school today and seeing everybody crying and talking about her it's just a big shocker, being that loving of a person, I can't imagine how somebody could do this to her," said Bobby Green, a friend of Johnson.

Liked by everyone, Gronostaj said she's too in shock someone took her life because she had such a promising future.

"Life is short and we've got to be thankful and grateful and kind to everyone we encounter and to me that's what [Johnson] was all about," she said.

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