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No sign of missing Fairfield woman 911 call on missing Fairfield woman.

New details in case of missing Fairfield woman

911 call released

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FAIRFIELD, Ohio - Police released the 911 call made by the last person to see 22-year-old Katelyn Markham. Her fiance, John Carter, made the call Sunday, after Markham didn't show up for work.

In the call he says,"the only thing that's not there is her cell phone, which is positive, but she's not answering it, and the Sacred Heart festival is going on right up the street and there are a lot of questionable people there, I'm sorry," Carter said.

Markham's purse and car were still at her home, but her cell phone is missing.

A prayer vigil was held Friday night at Fairfield West Baptist Church on Muskopf Road.

"Everyone wants the same thing, to bring Katelyn back home," said Carter.

As the last person to see Markham, Carter knows police are watching him closely.

"I'm not too entirely worried, I know that I'm more than cooperative, and I will always be cooperative until we bring Katelyn back," said Carter.

Where Markham's dog was found could be a clue for investigators. Carter says it was strange that the dog was found in Markham's bedroom. He says she would always put her dog in the bathroom if she was leaving.

Listen to the full 911 calls here (Note to mobile users, go to the browser version of to listen to the call):

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