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Markham search enters final days

Texas EquuSearch to 'stand down' Sunday

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FAIRFIELD, Ohio - The search for missing Katelyn Markham conducted by Texas EquuSearch is entering its final weekend.

"We've covered a lot of ground,"  said David Rader, a Search Coordinator with Texas EquuSearch.  Rader explained that if there are no breakthroughs before Sunday the search would "stand down."

"We will hand over everything we have done to the Fairfield Police Department and if they call us back for any reason we will be ready," Rader said.

Rader told 9 News Thursday that many of the roughly 100 searchers were sent out to two parks near Hamilton.  Rader said that searchers did not receive a specific request to focus on the two areas, but chose to do so because the resources were available.

Many searchers rode All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) through dense brush and tall grass at one park in Hamilton.  Alvin Tipps drove up from Dickinson, Texas, to help with the search.

"I'm retired and somebody's got to do this.  I wish it didn't have to be done but somebody has to," Tipps said about searching.

Tipps has searched in 14 states with Texas EquuSearch for more than a decade.

"I guess its a hobby of mine.  It's a sorry hobby but somebody's got to do it," Tipps added.

Cheryl Wilson and Gary Whitlock brought their ATVs to search.

"I just saw on Facebook how they said they wanted people with ATVs," Wilson said. 

While they didn't find Markham or any clues, Wilson did say that she felt good about helping.

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