Fairfield Police search creek where teen's body found, neighbors nervous

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - Just a day after an autopsy on 19-year-old, Joseph William Oakley, of Fairfield discovered he had been shot several times in the chest, Fairfield Police said Saturday that they had executed search warrants for the dry creek where Oakley's body was found as well as a nearby apartment complex.

Investigators would not say whether they found any new evidence in their latest search of the area. An autopsy disclosed that Oakley had been shot, with what's believed to be a small caliber handgun. Earlier, police said that Oakley only had cuts to his head.

In April, the body of 15-year-old Chelsea Johnson was found near the same area where Oakley's body was discovered. She had been stabbed to death. Both had been students at Options Academy in Fairfield. This area is the same one where Katelyn Markham disappeared more than a year ago.

The latest teen murder has neighbors in and around the Pleasant Avenue area of Fairfield nervous and concerned for their safety and the safety of their children.

Tanya Dinkins is a mother of 5 with a 15-year-old teenager in her house. Dinkins said, "I'm scared to death! I mean,.. it's a parent's nightmare."

Her 15-year-old son, Austin said,  "The changes I'm doing is,.. I was going to go in the woods but now, I'm scared because I don't want anybody popping out on me. And I don't walk by myself any more. I always hang in a group."

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