Fairfield church prays for Sandy Hook shooting victims, their families

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - Hearts were heavy during Sunday service at the Lindenwald Baptist Church.

Worshippers filled the pews to pray for the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings that took the lives of six adults and 20 young children.

"I believe in prayer. I believe that it's powerful," Pastor Randy Moore said. "I believe it so much that I believe our prayers can reach those people in another state many, many miles away that God will be able to use them in a great, great way,"

Misty Green brought her three young girls to the service.

"We're just praying, praying for the families, praying that God will help them through this," Green said.

Kristina Navey fought back tears as she thought of the families in Newtown, Conn. and held her newborn son.

"You pray for their comfort because at this point, it makes me want to cry, there's nothing else you can do except pray that they will be ok," Navey said. "That's all I know what to pray for."

As parents held their children close, Pastor Moore asked everyone to stand and hold hands. Moore then read aloud every victim's name of the Sandy Hook massacre.

"Our hearts go out to them," Moore said.

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