Cops: 2 dogs die after neglect in Butler County

The Butler County sheriff says he’s “disgusted” by two separate cases of animal neglect that resulted in the deaths of two dogs.

Both animals were described as being left in “deplorable conditions” at homes in Middletown and Madison Township, according to Sheriff Richard K. Jones.

Those arrested – Nora Leanne Dunn, 52, and Tyler Pence, 28 – were both charged with multiple misdemeanor counts.

A warrant has been filed through Middletown Municipal Court for Dunn after she allegedly abandoned two dogs at her house on Sixth Avenue in Middletown. One of the two dogs was found dead inside her home on July 10 by a dog warden.

The Butler County dog warden was originally called to an area near Dunn's home to respond to a report of a “vicious dog” on the loose. 

Once at the scene, the dog warden was told that that the animal lived next door at 866 Sixth Ave. The county employee said he noticed a bad odor come from the home.

When officers entered the house they observed a deceased canine that appeared to have been partially eaten, “possibly by the other canine.”

“The residence was in deplorable conditions and there were food cans that the dogs had apparently attempted to chew through to get food,” wrote Sgt. Melissa Gerhardt.

A maintenance worker on the property told Middletown police that the residents of the home had been gone for about three months, according to a release from the sheriff’s office. The release indicates that the maintenance worker claims to have heard a dog barking and opened a window and the dog jumped out and ran away.

The other dog has been treated by the Animal Friends Humane Society in Butler County and will be available for adoption.

Dunn faces two counts each of cruelty to companion animals, abandonment of animals, two counts of failure to license. She also faces one count of failure to confine.

Three days after the incident in Middletown, on July 13, deputies responded to 6583 Lorraine Dr. in Madison Township after neighbor complained about a dog tied to a clothesline pole. The neighbor said Pence, the resident of the home, left the animal on a short leash on a "hot day."

The complainant told the deputies that the dog had been barking “all day” and sounded “in distress,” according to the release.

A deputy said he noticed the dog had no shelter, shade, food or water, according to the sheriff's office. The deputy found an empty bucket and tried to give the dog water but it appeared too weak to stand. 

"The Butler County Dog Warden was called to the scene but the dog died of a possible heat stroke prior to his arrival," wrote Gerhardt, the information officer for the sheriff's office.

It has not been confirmed how long the dog had been in this condition.

Charges were filed against the 28-year-old include cruelty to a companion animal and failure to license.

Jones says he’s “disgusted over cases like this” and will continue his promise to “arrest and have the suspects prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

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