Butler County woman accused of duping families in Disney World vacation package scam

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio -- A Butler County woman is accused of booking bogus Disney World vacations in an elaborate scam.

Lisa Andres, 40, was arrested Monday on a separate charge of stealing $11,000.

Several people have claimed they paid Andres thousands of dollars for what they thought were deals to Disney World.

Tri-State resident Jennifer Zale said she is one of those victims and arrived at Disney World to find nothing booked after dealing with Andres.

"We didn't get to stay where we were supposed to stay,” said Zale. “We didn't have any passes. We had no meal plan or anything. We had to buy our entire vacation all over again."

Zale’s mother, Pam Zale, said her family was cheated out of thousands.

"We gave her $5,000,” Pam said. “We had to spend another $5,000 to redo what we paid for."

Each woman said they met Andres at a Fairfield gym.

During conversations there, they claim Andres promised to get them vacation deals or have them invest in a fake vacation and timeshare business.

“You not only feel upset, but you feel really stupid,” said Butler County resident Jennifer Dendler, who claims she was a victim of Andres. “I consider myself a somewhat intelligent person and when you find things out like this, you wonder, ‘What did I not see? What did I not do?’"

Natalie Josselyn also said she invested with Andres, only to learn later she was duped.

Josselyn claims she lost $20,000 to a scam perpetrated by Andres.

“All along I would be trying to collect the money and said, ‘Where's the profit?’ Can I come over and visit?’” Josselyn said. “I'm humiliated. I feel embarrassed. I get angry and sad because I think of the people that she's hurt."

Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser’s office would not comment Tuesday on the investigation into Andres’ case.

According to the alleged victims, the Butler County Prosecutor's Office may have as many as 35 cases of fraud they are investigating relating to Andres.

The women are asking that anyone who may have dealt with Andres tell authorities.

A bond was set at $5,000 for Andres Tuesday in her theft case. She will be back in court on Jan. 14 at 1 p.m.

WCPO was unable to contact Andres Tuesday for comment.

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