Fired Aberdeen Police Chief Greg Caudill wants his job back, files appeal

Caudill was terminated on June 2

ABERDEEN, Ohio -- Fired Aberdeen Police Chief Greg Caudill wants his job back.

In an appeal to the Brown County Court of Common Pleas filed Wednesday, Caudill claims his recent termination was “illegal, arbitrary and unreasonable.”

Aberdeen Village Council members voted unanimously June 2 to fire Caudill. The 5-0 vote came exactly one week after Aberdeen Mayor Jason Phillips filed an official complaint against him.

In the complaint, Phillips accused Caudill of not showing up for work since April 11. Caudill turned in a doctor’s note in May showing he was injured outside of work – but had no sick time left.

"Every day he was supposed to call me," Phillips said during the vote. "I went probably 13 days not hearing nothing."

Phillips served Caudill in May with “Procedure for Removal of Village Marshal ” papers.

According to Ohio law, a mayor can file this complaint if he or she has reason to believe that a duly appointed marshal of the village is guilty of incompetency, inefficiency, dishonesty, drunkenness, immoral conduct, neglect of duty or any other acts of misfeasance.

Phillips alleged in his complaint that Caudill did not report to work since April because of "injuries occurred outside of (his) employment with the village of Aberdeen that have resulted in (him) neglecting (his) duties as chief."

Caudill is also accused of not living in Aberdeen, which is a violation of Ohio law. Caudill lives more than 20 miles away in Adams County.

‪In his appeal , Caudill asks for his firing to be reversed and for his attorney fees and court costs to be reimbursed.

He claims he was never officially notified by the village of his firing, but instead heard it through the news media. He was not present during his termination hearing.

Caudill, who has been a subject in multiple I-Team investigations, has been fired before. In 2002, he was terminated from his position as a Brown County sheriff’s deputy.

The I-Team uncovered documents showing Caudill was written up for a similar instance of tardiness during that period.

Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger wrote in a comment form in 2002 that Caudill took more days off than he had available to him.

“This is an abuse of sick time and it seems to have no end,” Wenninger wrote. “He has been counseled about this in the past.”

Caudill was later fired from the sheriff’s office when he revealed the identity of an undercover drug agent at Eastern High School.

Caudill was the school resource officer, and documents show he told a teacher that a girl in his class was really a narcotics agent.

“His lack of professional respect left a lot to be desired,” then Superintendent Christopher Burrows wrote in a letter after the incident. “The day he revealed (the agent’s identity) to me, I was immediately concerned about (her) safety.”

The agent told the I-Team she feared for her life. The operation was eventually canceled, and Caudill has since written on job applications that his reason for leaving the sheriff’s office was “explainable."

The I-Team called Caudill for comment on his termination hearing. He hung up and asked WCPO not to contact him.

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