Toddler-aged daughter of slain pregnant mom Brittany Stykes leaves hospital

GEORGETOWN, Ohio -- The toddler-aged daughter of a pregnant mother who was found shot to death in her truck in Brown County last month was released from the hospital.
Fourteen-month-old Aubree Stykes was found in the vehicle along with her 22-year-old mother Brittany Stykes off U.S. Route 68 by a driver passing by the scene on Wednesday, Aug. 28.
Brittany had been shot two times and died in the vehicle. Aubree was also shot, according to her father Shane Stykes.
Shane said Aubree was released from the hospital Friday, but he is still checking in with doctors.
"Amazing recovery. You wouldn't believe it if you'd seen it," Shane told 9 On Your Side. "I can't tell you if she's 100 percent, because something may come up down the road. She's still young and developing. But she acts now like she was before she was shot."
Shane said a bullet entered Aubree's skull, hit her brain, and left her skull.
"She was full blown shot in the head," he said. "The bullet did not go through her mother and hit her. I don't know where people heard that from."
Shane said he called Craig Labell, the man who found Brittany and Aubree, to tell him the latest.
Shane hopes to meet Labell in person soon to thank him for saving his daughter.
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