Brown County Animal Shelter to euthanize dogs if not adopted by Thursday

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UPDATE: All of the dogs have been saved!

GEORGETOWN, Ohio -- The Brown County Animal Shelter is seeking help from area residents to save 10 dogs that will be euthanized on Thursday, Oct. 24.

The shelter has 32 kennels, with 45 dogs in need of a home. There are currently 10 dogs on the "urgent list" that will be killed if not saved by Thursday.

Fortunately, two dogs on the urgent list were adopted Monday - but the rest still need a home before Thursday.

List of dogs on the urgent list:

  • Molly, a 2-year-old American Bulldog
  • Licorice, a 5-year-old lab - rescue adoption pending
  • Hutch, 1-2 year old hound
  • Hannah, 10-month old hound
  • Mace, 2-3 year old lab
  • Buddy, a 3-year-old Chihuahua mix - rescue adoption pending
  • Rex, 1-2 year old lab/hound mix
  • Happy, a 2-year-old lab/hound mix
  • Gus, 1-2 year old black and tan hound
  • Baskin, a 1-year-old terrier mix


This isn't the first time the animals at the shelter have faced a doubtful future. Due to limited funding and space, the shelter continues to run into an overcrowding issue. Most of the dogs in the shelter are strays saved from the streets.

A worker at the shelter said the dogs are put on the urgent list by seniority -- that it's the only "fair way." Dogs that recently came into the shelter and do not have a kennel are put on the list. 

The adoption fee for a dog at the shelter is $25 -- which includes spaying, neutering and a booster shot. The shelter also charges $12 for a license, making the total $37.

To see pictures of the animals, visit the Brown County Shelter's Facebook page. To adopt one of these, or any of the dogs in the shelter, call: 937-378-3457.

The shelter is located at 100 Veterans Boulevard in Georgetown.


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