Video shows Ripley toddler's 'miracle' recovery after being shot in head

GEORGETOWN, Ohio -- Aubree Stykes has already had two brain surgeries and she's not even a year-and-a-half old.

After two surgeries and two stints at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Aubree is back home and her father and grandparents are hoping it's for good.

The Brown County toddler was shot in the head on Aug. 28 while her pregnant 22-year-old mother Brittany Stykes was gunned down in her Jeep off U.S. Route 68.

Stykes’ family say Aubree’s survival is a miracle. Just 14 months old at the time of the shooting, Aubree managed to overcome all obstacles and was treated and released from the hospital.

But this past weekend, Aubree experienced complications and was re-admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery . Despite the setback in her recovery, she was able to return home to her father Shane Stykes Monday night.

Just above her eyebrow is a scar from where the bullet entered her head. A few inches higher, above her forehead, is where her family says the bullet exited.

On Tuesday, Aubree’s family went shopping, and picked her a Halloween costume -- she is going to be an angel.

"She's herself. She says 'maw maw' and 'paw paw' all day long,” said Dave Dodson, Brittany Stykes' dad. “We hear it all the time when we go see her and stuff. She's herself."

Dave and Mary Dodson are Aubree's grandparents. They say Aubree was riding in a car seat on the passenger side when someone opened fire on her mother's vehicle. Police have not made an arrest and have no suspects.

"The only thing I can come up with is pure evil,” Mary Dodson said. “They didn't have a conscience. They could not have. They couldn't have had a conscience. Pure evil.” 

The Dodson's say Aubree's father Shane is struggling to cope with what's happened.

“He's having a hard time,” Dave Dodson said. “He's having a very hard time with it.”

The family says they need help paying for Aubree's medical bills, and have set up an account at PNC Bank for contributions.

If you have any information about this case, the Brown County Sheriff's Office asks that you call 937-378-4435.

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