Bright Ideas: Two Cincinnati crowdfunding projects aim to up their role-playing games

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati area is rich in creativity and bright ideas. Many artists, community activists and entrepreneurs are ready to run with projects and programs, and they’re turning to crowdfunding sites to fuel their ideas.

Each Tuesday we highlight two projects that are underway and asking for your support.

Project: Aspects of Fantasy, A D20/Fate Fantasy Role-playing Game

Started: January 7, 2014
Goal: $4,500
Project By: Steve Bode

Aspects of Fantasy is a role-playing game that takes both the D20 rules system and the Fate system, and combines them to create what Bode calls "a unique fantasy experience." The idea came from his own interest in games, which eventually motivated him to create something he could call his own.

  • Where will the money go? Bode would like to raise funds for unique artwork, including a professionally rendered cover as well as hire an editor the review the writing before publication.

Bode says in addition to being an amazing addition to any fantasy game lover’s collection, Aspects of Fantasy will also be a very green option for gamers--since it's primarily be electronic. He added that in the rare case the game will need to be printed, only the exact number requested will be processed, avoiding leftover stock to sit in a warehouse.

Why should people support Aspects of Fantasy? 

Steve Bode says: “If a person is actually interested in fantasy games, they may be interested in (Aspects of Fantasy). (Unlike many other fantasy games) this game takes the innovative Fate game system and merges it with a streamlined version of the popular D20 game system.”

WATCH: Aspects of Fantasy video on Kickstarter  

Days until this project closes: 17

Project: Story

Started: January 10, 2014
Goal: $85,000
Project By: Adam Bowman

Bowman’s Story is a system that brings people together to design new worlds used in tabletop role-playing games. Basically, it is a system for crowdsourcing world-building. Story began as a simple game, eventually expanding into a system for generating games that actually builds new worlds from scratch. 

Bowman says the methods for building a game entail having players create supplemental content, then editors review that content.

  • Where will the money go? If content is chosen, players are then paid up front for their content as well as a percentage of the sales. He says Story not only purchase complete content, but will also pay for artwork, names as well as general storyline ideas.

Why should people support Story? 

Adam Bowman says: “You should choose our project if...

  1. you've ever enjoyed playing tabletops, or want to try it out, or you want to play tabletops in a new way
  2. you just want some cool rewards, even at $1, or a cool game to play with your friends
  3. you want to support writers, designers, and artists bend or want a shot to become a professional one yourself.
  4. you want a game to play with your kids or your parents that fosters creativity and critical thinking,
  5. you want tell us your Story 

WATCH: Story video on Kickstarter


Days until this project closes: 11

Do you know of any local "Bright Ideas" seeking funding through crowdfunding? If so, email!

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