Bright ideas: Fantasy coins are on the money & a local student seeks funding for Guatemala project

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati area is rich in creativity and bright ideas. Many artists, community activists and entrepreneurs are ready to run with projects and programs, and they’re turning to crowdfunding sites to fuel their ideas.

Each week, we’ll highlight projects that are underway and asking for your support via Kickstarter, Fundly, Indiegogo and other sites.

Project: Service Learning Guatemala

Goal: $1,100
Project By: Lauren Brenneman

According to the project page at, Brenneman is a participant in the 2014 Spring Service Learning Guatemala program. Run by the University of Cincinnati’s Lindner College of Business and the Department of Romance Languages, Service Learning Guatemala "develops cross-cultural understanding and team building skills while also building a home for a worthy family." 

  • Where will the money go? Brenneman says donations will pay for the costs of her trip and help finance the housing project in Guatemala. 

Why should people support this project?

Brenneman says: "By making a monetary contribution to my project, you are not only helping me to travel but also you are supplying the gift of a home for a family that is deprived of many things we take for granted in the United States."

Days until this project closes: 79 

Funded! Project: Rare Elements

Goal: $25,000
Project By: Miya Sohoza & Kerry Bodenbender, Osborne Coinage

Aiming to create a realistic fantasy money for board and role playing games, Sohoza worked with her friend and self proclaimed fellow “geek," Kerry Bodenbender to create a faux currency.

Sohoza and Bodenbender believe their coins will support society’s love for gameplay and enhance the entire experience.They say they have already gotten lots of support and feedback both from the Tri-state area and across the globe. The set includes six denominations, each one representing an element--fire, water, earth, air, magic, and time--and features illustrations by Bodenbender.

  • Where will the money go? It will help Sohoza and Bodenbender produce the coins.

Why should people support Rare Elements?
Miya Sohoza says: "Developing a new product and bringing it to market is risky and costly even for an established company.The tooling and metal alone for the project is in the double-digit thousands, so we decided to utilize Kickstarter to fund the startup costs."

Current backers will get to vote on the imagery for the next set, and the entire production process happens locally.

Days until this project closes: 7

WATCH: The Rare Elements Kickstarter Video

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