Bright Ideas: A food truck with a healthy flair and a murder mystery that's uniquely Ohio

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati area is rich in creativity and bright ideas. Many artists, community activists and entrepreneurs are ready to run with projects and programs, and they’re turning to crowdfunding sites to fuel their ideas.

Each week, we’ll highlight two projects that are underway and asking for your support.

Project: Cincy Superfoods

Started: December 5, 2013
Goal: $39,000
Project by: Rian Heist

While food trucks may be popping up everywhere around the Tri-State these days, finding one that does not focus on deep fryers and processed ingredients can seem like a challenge. This is where Cincy Superfoods comes in. This mobile meal server is out to prove to the Cincinnati area that not only can healthy food be delicious and mobile!

  • Where will the money go? "...the truck itself and everything having to do with its up-front operating cost. We also need to get a website up and running and we want to make this our full-time commitment." 

Heist plans to feature everything from organic smoothies to healthy alternatives to many fatty favorites. Menu prices are reasonable: from $1 to $5

Why should people support Cincy Superfoods? 

Rian Heist says: “Kickstarter is full of great ideas and start-ups looking for that extra boost of confidence and funding. Our project isn't any different; passionate and driven individuals who want to do what they love and while doing it helping others. If eating healthier and making a #healthiercincy is on your agenda, please donate.”

WATCH: The Cincy Superfoods Kickstarter video

Days until this project closes: 17

Project: Cold Sliver of Moon

Started: December 12, 2013
Goal: $6,000
Project By: J.R. Lewis

J.R. Lewis’s tale of small town secrets, a mysterious death, and universal collapse could be the winter read you’re looking for--one it gets published, that is. 

After reading Seth Godin's, "The Icarus Deception," a book about choosing to stand apart from the crowd and bringing your art to the market, Lewis decided to seek help through Kickstarter. He said crowdfunding allows people to show the world what they can do, versus allowing society’s gatekeepers to decide.

  • Where will the money go? "The book itself is already written but needs professional editing. This is an expensive prospect, and one that I am relying on your generosity to help overcome."

Lewis said he is hoping that publishing his book through crowdfunding will help to, “knock a small chip” out of Cincinnati’s past reputation for not being very art-friendly. He said that he also hopes that choosing to believe in himself and his ability as a writer will inspire others to market their own talents, regardless of boundaries or limitations.

Why should people support Cold Sliver of Moon? 

J.R. Lewis says: “It's a great book. I mean that. It is pure Midwest. People will read it and feel that small, Ohio town and get a shiver of recognition. It is dark, funny, and, I believe, one of those books that you tear through easily but feel hanging around the outskirts of your thoughts, moods and feelings for weeks after.”

Days until this project closes: 23

Editor's note: We usually publish "Bright Ideas" each Tuesday, but delayed this week's edition due to Christmas. Check back for more next week! If you know of a great project we should feature, email

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