12 Union runners complete Flying Pig Marathon


Twelve athletes from Union completed the Flying Pig Marathon on May 4 in Cincinnati.

The runners from Union and their finishing times were Matt Gross, 3:22:37; Kevin Byerly, 3:22:50; Brian Eggleston, 3:29:34; Kenji Heilman, 3:29:37; Brian Vest, 3:50:09; Luke Takahashi, 3:53:31; Perry A. Ralenkotter, 3:56:01; Steve Elmlinger, 3:57:06; Daniel Hallforth, 3:59:46; Mike See, 4:02:15; David Laroy, 4:07:54; and Jim White, 4:10:25.

According to results accessed May 9 at the Flying Pig Marathon website, race organizers said 1,500 runners finished the 26.2-mile race, which began at Elm on Mehring Way and ended at US Bank Arena.

Sergio Reyes, of Palmdale, California, was the men's and overall winner with a finishing time of 2:27:19, while Amy Robillard, of Montgomery, was the winner in the women's category with a time of 2:55:50.