Samantha Ramsey, Tyler Brockman: Visitation held for 19-year-old shot by deputy

LUDLOW, KY. – Samantha Ramsey's family and friends gathered Friday to pay their respects to the 19-year-old fatally shot by a Boone County Sheriff's deputy a week ago.

The Ramsey family stood outside the First Baptist Church of Ludlow early in the afternoon to greet the steady stream of mourners at the visitation.

"It's just extremely saddening," Lynnsy Hall said. "I went to high school with her. She's always been such a sweet, kind-hearted person. She'd never have the intent to hurt anyone. She's always been really laid back."

"She had a huge heart," said Holly Ohnefloss. "She was very outgoing. She had more friends than I can count."

Trina Laws agonized for Ramsey's mother.

"I can't imagine what the poor mother is going through -- having to bury a child," said Laws.

Someone erected a new cross at the makeshift memorial at the shooting site on River Road near Hebron. Girls who knew Ramsey as a Ludlow High School cheerleader stopped by to mourn.

"She was always the most outgoing person on our team and she always made everybody laugh and cheered everybody up," Marian Martin said.

Ramsey death was taking a toll on the sheriff's office, too.

"While we have our own issues to deal with here at the office, we think about her family every day," said sheriff's spokesperson Tom Scheben. "This is a lose-lose situation every day and it's tragic."

A spokesperson for the Kentucky State Police said they declined to take over the investigation because Boone County's own investigation was too far along.

Deputy Tyler Brockman said he shot Ramsey after she hit him with her car and he feared she would kill him and others. Ramsey was driving away from a field party attended by scores of underage drinkers, the sheriff's office has said.

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The fatal confrontation took 38 seconds.

In a three-page statement to his supervisor, Brockman said he jumped on the hood of Ramsey's moving car to avoid being run over, ordered her to stop and felt the car picking up speed.

As he held on with one hand, he pulled his gun and shot Ramsey four times, Brockman said.

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Ramsey's passengers and other witnesses have disputed Brockman's version of what happened and questioned his use of deadly force.

The attorney for Ramsey's family called her death "brutal" and "needless."

Ramsey's funeral is 10 a.m. Saturday at First Baptist Church of Ludlow. Burial follows at Highland Cemetery in Fort Mitchell.

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