Boone County Deputy Superintendent: There are too many kids for a school bus to handle

HEBRON, Ky. -- A concerned Northern Kentucky parent questioned his daughter's safety on her school bus, just one day after students returned to classes in Boone County.

Adisyn Donk started the 2014 school year Wednesday. She told her father at least 10 kids were standing in the aisles during her bus ride to school because of overcrowding.

"I mean, I don't like it because when I'm holding on, it's like you keep moving and there's nothing really to hold on to," she said. "When I'm sitting in the seat, the person that's standing next to me, every time we turn is like 'whoa' and almost falls over."

Joseph Donk didn't like the sound of his daughter's unsafe commute to class.

"They don't do school bus crash tests with kids standing in the aisle, they test them with dummies in the seats," he said. "I know what will happen if they slam on the brakes, I know where the kids are going. And I don't want my kids to be part of that."

Donk called the bus depot Thursday morning. He asked if children could legally stand on a bus, and he was told standing is permitted as long as the bus stays off interstates.

Unconvinced, Donk did some research. He found no revised code that gives standing on a bus the okay.

Thursday and Friday morning, Adisyn Donk again rode in a packed school.

Her father called the depot to run his concern by officials once more. He got the same answer.

When Monday rolled around, Joseph Donk reached out to WCPO for help to get some answers.

WCPO reporter Evan Millward spoke with the Boone County Deputy Superintendent, Eric McArtor, who said the problem is likely an issue with routing, and that there are too many kids in the neighborhood needing rides.

McArtor called Donk, and told him the board never got his complaints.

"He (McArtor) said this is the first he'd heard about it and that he was going to speak to other people in the office and he'd be out first thing in the morning to ensure that this doesn't happen again," Donk said.

According to the Kentucky State Education Department and National Transportation Safety Board guidelines, students are required to be seated at all times while riding on a bus.

McArtor said the board will make sure no kids stand on a bus anymore, but Donk said he'll keep his eye on bus safety when it comes to his kids.

"I feel confident he'll (McArtor) be there tomorrow at the school to make sure things are going as they're supposed to, but I'll have to watch as the year goes on to make sure this doesn't continue," Donk said.





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