Bible-themed park construction to begin in Grant County, predicted to flood local economy with cash

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. – What the Bible said took Noah 120 years, will take Mike Zovath, Mark Looy and Ken Ham just two.

Zovath, Looy and Ham—co-founders of Answers in Genesis, the parent company and ministry behind the Creation Museum—will have hundreds of hands to create an ark, the first phase of a Bible-themed amusement park in Williamstown, Ky., called Ark Encounter.

After eight years of planning, fundraising and theological research, construction will begin on ‘Ark Encounter: Larger Than Life’ in May. The park is slated to open to the public the summer of 2016, giving visitors the opportunity to learn how and why to “trust the Bible and its teachings” according to Zovath.

“[Ark Encounters] is an extension of the message of the ministry—the Bible is authoritative and true,” Zovath said of the project that he foresees as becoming a local economic force.

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