Alisha Waters: One year after shooting, paralyzed woman works hard to start a new life

She hopes to feed herself, get a job

FLORENCE, Ky. - How do you start over when your spinal cord has been severed and your life shattered?
If you're Alisha Waters, you do it with courage, faith and the love of family.

It was Aug. 6, 2013, almost a year ago. Alisha Waters was shot five times by her estranged husband, Dennis Mathis.

"He was stalking me, calling me multiple times a day," she says.

On that day, Alisha says, her life did a complete 360. Now her world is largely confined to her parents' home in Florence.
Her stepfather, Jim Russell, worked for months to convert their garage into a wheelchair-accessible room for Alisha.

He even put in an elevator.

"My family has been nothing short of amazing," she says.

Doctors told Alisha she was completely paralyzed. But she's showing them.

"I'm learning how to try and bring my arms up."

She's hoping to be able to feed herself.

"Oh, yeah. I'm sure my Mom's getting tired of feeding me every night."

It's about taking small steps towards independence.

Alisha has learned how to type on an iPad. She hopes one day to get a job.

"I miss work. I used to complain about work, wish I would win the lottery, but now that I can't go, I miss it." 

She says she gets her strength from "my God, my family, my friends, myself." 

Alisha has her bad days, but she believes God has a purpose for her.

"I believe he let me live to protect other men and women from happening what I went through." 

Alisha and her family continue to support legislation to protect victims of domestic violence.

Since last Aug. 6, their journey has been incredibly hard, but they have no regrets, just gratitude.

"I'm thankful I'm alive," Alisha says.

As she makes her way toward independence, what Alisha really needs is a wheelchair-accessible van.
The family is  trying to raise money now.
You can donate at her website:

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