46 Florence runners complete Freestore Foodbank Hunger Walk & Run 5K


A total of 46 athletes from Florence completed the Freestore Foodbank Hunger Walk & Run 5K on May 26 in Cincinnati.

The top runners from Florence and their finishing times were Noel Rutt, 22:40; Kenneth Holzer, 25:00; Will Hays, 26:11; Paige Volpenhein, 26:11; Lindsay Volpenhein, 26:12; Ron Gies, 28:51; Mike Tabben, 29:36; Catrina Carpenter, 30:07; Julie Volpenhein, 31:52; Trisha Rutt, 32:09; Marshall Jolly, 32:37; Therese Nordmeyer, 36:35; Kelly Floyd, 38:03; Theresa Stricker, 42:40; Dillon Carpenter, 45:06; Kylee Harden, 45:08; Lisa Cherry, 51:16; Kristin Cherry, 51:18; Maddie Weltzer, 53:53; Caroline Weltzer, 53:54; Meg Hale, 54:21; Tracie Floyd, 54:21; Pauline Gies, 54:33; Dave Conley, 54:33; and Tony Bradley, 56:45. Twenty one other local runners also completed the race.

According to results accessed June 8 at the Race Mine website, race organizers said 3,538 runners finished the 5K race, which began and ended at Sawyer Point.

Jacob Hanser, of Falmouth, was the men's and overall winner with a finishing time of 17:37, while Frances Tracy, of Fort Thomas, was the winner in the women's category with a time of 21:02.