Gunfire erupts during custody exchange, man charged with attempted murder

BURLINGTON, Ky. – A Price Hill man was charged with three counts of attempted murder after shooting into a vehicle multiple times after a custody exchange in Boone County, Ky.

Mirado Crow, 25, is accused of shooting at the mother of his 2-year-old son, Heather Brockman, 23, and two other passengers in a car on Pebble Creek Way in Burlington at about 11:30 a.m. Sunday, according to Boone County Sheriff Office Spokesman Tom Scheben.

The other passengers were identified as Heather's mother, 49-year-old Pandora Brockman, and Stephen Lang, 22, a family acquaintance.

Police say Heather Brockman had driven with her mother and Lang to a United Dairy Farmers store on Kentucky Route 18 to allow Crow to have three hours of supervised visitation with their son, Wyatt.

When the trio started to drive away from the store they noticed Crow racing to catch up with them in his vehicle and holding a gun.

"I looked out my side-view mirror and said I could see him right behind us (with) his hand out and a gun in his hand," said Pandora Brockman, who lives with her daughter in Burlington.

When he caught up with the car, Crow opened fire, police said. No one inside the car was injured.

"He has always scared me. We call the cops a lot to supervise the exchanges because I don't trust him at all."

The child was inside Crow's car at the time and was not hurt, police said. Heather Brockman has temporary custody of Wyatt and wants to be awarded full custody.

"(Mirado) wanted custody -- this was a really desperate attempt to get custody," Pandora Brockman said.

Crow was taken to the Boone County Detention Center. He is charged with three counts of attempted murder, tampering with evidence and criminal mischief.

"I'm just more happy Wyatt's safe," Heather Brockman said. "I'm happy he's in jail -- no one is hurt and no one can be hurt."

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