Boone County school board member says 'no' to arm teachers

FLORENCE, Ky. -- A Boone County school board member is saying “no” to a proposal that would arm teachers.

Boone county Constable Joe Kalil proposed a plan earlier in the week that would put guns in the classroom.

Kalil needs approval from the school board to move the plan forward.

School board member C. Ed Massey said he is adamantly against giving teachers guns.

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"We have concerns about children getting caught in the crossfire, a student overpowering a teacher, all of those things,” Massey said.

Kalil pitched his plan to parents and teachers Wednesday night. His program would allow faculty members to carry guns if they pass a background check and complete five and a half days of training.

"The unique thing that surprised me is elected officials in this area that I've approached and had the time to explain the program to them, they all support it,” Kalil said.

Massey does not share Kalil’s optimism about the plan.

"My exact reason for being against it is I don't think teachers are -- they never went into the profession to be armed guards. I think it puts liability of them. I think it puts liability on school board members. None of us are law enforcement officials,” Massey said.

According to Massey, insurance rates alone make the program unrealistic. He said if a teacher fires a weapon, the school system is liable.

"I've got the insurance representatives meeting on the 6th, OK? They say the first shot that's fired; your premiums are out the window. You're done,” Massey said.

The school board will discuss the proposal during a meeting March 6.

If it comes to a vote, three of the five members would have to vote "yes" for it to go forward.

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