Best summer drinks in the Tri-State

Summer is here, folks!

Now, quick! Before the thermometer explodes and the expensive A/C bill sets in, arm yourself with fresh-squeezed juice, tropical smoothies and creamy bubble tea.

This week, we're grabbing a straw and sucking on the most supreme slurps in the Tri-State with's list of the best places for summer drinks , as reviewed by you:

1. Total Juice Plus - Get a Ben B for a healthy dose of hydration with fresh-squeezed-before-your-eyes wheat grass

2. Hunter Green Grass at Findlay Market - More wheat grass that gives a nutritious slap in the face followed by a sweet finish

3. Essencha - Bubble tea in all flavors, including Twizzler

4. Tea & Bowl - Frozen bubble tea, with one tea drink that includes coffee.

5. Green Papaya - Shaved ice bubble tea, with passion-fruit bubbles

6. Corner BLOC Cofee - Blackberry mango smoothie

7. Blue Manatee - Curious George strawberry banana smoothie


Read more Best of's from Yelp at .

What do you think of the list? What's your favorite summer drink? Let us know in the comment section below.

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