Best diners in the Tri-State

There ain't nothin' finer than a Cincinnati diner.

So this week, we're bouncing back to basics: pipin' hot coffee, greasy griddles, piles of eggs, troves of taters and all the fixin's for an early onset heart attack.

And if you're not sure which stool to take, don't get your head in a scramble! compiled a list to set the spatula straight. Order's up!

Here are the top diners in Cincinnati, as reviewed by you:

1. Blue Jay - Less than $5 for the breakfast special (eggs, hash browns and biscuits that never disappoint).

2. Sugar 'n' Spice - Wispy thin pancakes are a must

3. The Proud Rooster - Dirt-cheap, piping-hot fries and crunchy ham and cheeses.

4. The Green Dog - Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped tube of meat topped with pineapple relish.

5. The Hitching Post - Kettle cakes

6. Rima's - Got to have the grouper

7. Joe's Diner - Sweet potato everything

8. The Pepper Pod - The greasy-spoon experience with fried pickles


Read more Best of's from Yelp at .

What do you think of the list? What's your favorite diner? Let us know in the comment section below.

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