Best cheeseburgers in the Tri-State

CINCINNATI - Sept. 18 was National Cheeseburger Day, and to honor it we found a list of the best burger joints in town.

Ah, the cheeseburger. It's as American as, well, American cheese. Various eating establishments (mostly in California) claim to have invented the cheeseburger, but that's as far as the patty's origin gets narrowed down.

Whatever the history, the cheeseburger has cemented its place at the American table, and there are plenty of good ones to chomp on here in the Tri-State.

Here is a list of the best places to get a cheeseburger in the Tri-State, according to reviews posted by you on :

1. Putz's Creamy Whip

2. Morton's the Steakhouse

3. Cafe De Wheels

4. Terry's Turf Club

5. Anchor Grill

6. Arthur's

7. Keystone Bar & Grill

8. Madonna's Bar & Grill

9. Fort Wright Family Restaurant

10. Zip's

11. FlipDaddy's

12. Five Guys

13. Zola Pub and Grill

14. Greyhound Tavern

15. Mt. Adams Bar & Grill

16. Bard's Burgers

17. Herb & Thelma's Tavern

18. Gameworks

19. Max & Erma's

20. Santorini

21. Sports Page Restaurant


Where's your favorite place to get a cheeseburger? Leave a comment in the section below or on our WCPO Facebook page .