Bengals fullback Orson Charles arrested in Kentucky

RICHMOND, Ky. (AP) -- Police in central Kentucky have charged Cincinnati Bengals fullback Orson Charles with wanton endangerment after a road rage incident Monday.

Charles was arrested in Madison County, Ky., and booked into the jail. He was not listed among the jail's inmates Tuesday morning.

Charles was stopped on southbound I-75 after a male driver in another vehicle called police and said Charles brandished a gun towards him several times while driving down the highway, according to a police report.

The victim said Charles cut him off in traffic, which led to the road rage incident.

A statement taken from the victim said the firearm involved was a silver and black semi-automatic.

Police searched Charles’ vehicle and found a silver and black semi-automatic Smith and Wesson handgun in the rear area of the car inside a purse.

In Kentucky, first degree wanton endangerment is defined as wantonly engaging in conduct that creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another. The conduct must also take place under circumstances that display extreme indifference to the value of human life.

Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan declined comment, saying: "It's not appropriate for us to comment on legal matters that are not resolved."

Charlesis a third-year pro from University of Georgia, and a native of Tampa, Fla. The 23-year-old has played in the Bengals backfield, catching one pass for 8 yards last season, but was mainly used on special teams. He appeared in 13 games last season and 16 in his first.

The Bengals list him as 6-3, 245 pounds.

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