Ayer Elementary School principal makes good on promise, sleeps on school's roof

ANDERSON TWP., Ohio -- A local elementary school principal made good on a promise he made to his students by spending the night on the school’s roof Thursday.

During Ayer Elementary’s annual PTA walk-a-thon in Anderson Township, principal Chris Flanagan told students if the school achieved its goal of raising $23,000, he would spend the night on the rooftop. The students raised $31.000.

“It was a perfect night to be able to camp,” Flanagan said. “No rain and great temperatures.”

He said it was great to be on the rooftop as the students were driving away from the school in buses Thursday afternoon. Many came back to visit him at night.

“The numbers of families that came to Ayer Elementary to stop in and throw up snacks or visited or drove by with kids in their pajamas towards night time to say goodnight to me, it was awesome,” Flanagan said.

A few PTA moms provided dinner for him and even donated Superman pajamas to sport during his camping adventure.

Flanagan said the younger students were really excited about the challenge and kept telling him they hope he didn't freeze to death.

The older students? They had a little bit of a different take on it.

“The older kids said, ‘Oh you’re going to leave at 10 p.m. or midnight.’ So, I had some awesome school dads set up a ‘Flana-cam’ (a camera showing him on the rooftop)." 

Flanagan said he had a few hundred people watching him on the camera link, and at 9:20 he decided to do a bedtime story with milk and cookies and invited families on the webcam to join in.

“It was great this morning with all the kids walking in as the buses were pulling in. They were all against the windows just waving. That was the highlight for me,” Flanagan said.

In all, Flanagan is proud of his students and praises the work of his school’s PTA.

“This was just a thank-you to the PTA and the families and the students and staff that I get to work with because they are amazing and it makes being a principal great,” Flanagan said. “A few hours on a roof is a piece of cake compared to all they do for me and for the school."

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