Avondale residents speak out against proposed Commons at Alaska halfway house project

CINCINNATI -- Some Avondale residents are speaking out after learning a large halfway house is going up in their neighborhood.

Supporters and detractors of the plan gathered at City Hall on Monday to voice their concerns about the Commons at Alaska project on Alaska Avenue.

Many of the detractors cited concerns such as the number of children in the community and long-standing issues with crime.

“We do not want to see our community devitalized, we want to see it built up,” resident Sylvia Dubois said.

Some residents said they had no idea the 100-unit rehabilitation facility project was even being developed.

Supporters told councilmembers the plan has been in the works for three years and the concerns of the detractors were unwarranted and selfish.

“It tears me up that we in African-American community -- who have suffered so much oppression, who now have a little -- act like we don't want to do nothing for those in need,” supporter Reggie Brazille said.

The residents against the plan said they understand the need for such a facility, they would just prefer it be built somewhere else.

Homeless experts said about 1,000 units are needed to deal with the current homeless situation in the Cincinnati area.

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