Owner of the emanciated Middletown pitbull pleaded guilty in court Monday

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio -- A Butler County man pleaded guilty in court Monday after authorities discovered a pit bull on the brink of death in Middletown last month.

A Butler County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dog Warden discovered the small, white pit bull after being dispatched to Navaho Street on Friday, Sept. 27 to investigate an abandoned dog.

The dog, named Dee, was found emaciated and in obvious distress, authorities said.

"It was to the point of emaciation where it wasn't able to use the restroom. It had water, (but) it was green. It did have some sprinkling of dog food on the ground," said Kurt Merbs, a deputy dog warden. 

Merbs said by looking at the dog's droppings he could determine Dee hadn't had much food recently.

"Fecal matter in the pen was so old, moldy, crusty. She had not recently (defecated), meaning no food going in, so nothing coming out," said Merbs, who described the dog as a "skeleton" when he first saw her.

Dee was taken to the Butler County Animal Friends Humane Society, where veterinarian care was provided. Since she arrived at the facility, the dog has increased in weight from 25 pounds to 37 pounds and is said to be doing well. She is expected to make a full recovery.

A Butler County Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Investigations Unit detective then joined the investigation and tracked down family members of Bert Brashear, who was later determined to be the dog’s owner. Merbs said Brashear abandoned the the home and left Dee behind.

The detective obtained witness statements and Brashear was charged with cruelty to animals and failure to license the dog. 

On Monday, Brashear pleaded guilty to the charges against him in a Middletown Municipal Court. Sentencing will be underway on November 18.

Brashear signed Dee over to the Butler County Animal Friends Humane Society. She is currently being rehabilitated.

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9 On Your Side reporter Amy Wadas contributed to this report.


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