Anthony Muñoz Foundation a finalist in LIDS Foundation's 'Tip of the Hat' $100,000 grant campaign

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati knows Anthony Muñoz for his 13 seasons as an offensive tackle with the Cincinnati Bengals, a Hall of Famer and--as many consider him--the greatest lineman in the history of the NFL. 

Cincinnati also knows that Anthony Muñoz has done big things for the community by way of his Anthony Muñoz Foundation. Now, the organization has the chance to win a $100,000 grant from the LIDS Foundation , an extension of LIDS Sports Group dedicated to improving the lives of young people in communities in which LIDS Sports Group operates.

We sat down with the Anthony Muñoz Foundation’s Director of Marketing and Events, Michelle Smith, to learn more about the Foundation’s involvement in the LIDS campaign, what $100,000 means for the organization and how Tri-Staters can support the Anthony Muñoz Foundation in the finals.

Q: So, let’s talk about the Anthony Muñoz Foundation’s work. For what outreach work is the Foundation best known?

A: Our mission is “to engage the Tri-State region to impact youth mentally, physically and spiritually.” We have eight annual impact programs: three character football programs, three scholarship programs, an elementary-based tutoring program in Price Hill and an awards ceremony for Lineman of the Year, which is coming up at the end of February.

Q: Tell us about the LIDS Foundation and how the Anthony Muñoz Foundation became involved in the “Tip of the Hat” grant campaign.

A: The LIDS Foundation president Ken Kocher has a good relationship with Anthony Muñoz and invited us to apply for the grant, which we did. The organization’s focus is along the same lines as that of the Muñoz Foundation, to improve lives through a healthy and active lifestyle; so as long as our missions aligned, we were able to apply. We were contacted at the end of January as one of the five finalists in the nationwide “Tip of the Hat” campaign. Voting lasts from Feb. 1 through Feb. 24 and the awards ceremony is March 4 in Indianapolis.

Q: $100,00 would go a long way! How will the $100,000 grant benefit the Anthony Muñoz Foundation?

A: That would be the largest grant we’ve received, so we would put that toward all of our programs. We’d be able to impact more youth in the community. Our scholarship program would also benefit. We’re really encouraging people to vote for us because even though the winning organization will get $100,000 the two runners-up still get $25,000, which would be huge for us!

Q: Please tell us how Tri-Staters and Anthony Muñoz Foundation supporters can cast their votes and spread the word about the LIDS Foundation campaign.

A: You can go to to vote . All the finalists are listed, so just click on the Muñoz Foundation and vote! You can vote from your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. We’re really engaging with the social audience to vote and get involved.

The Anthony Muñoz Foundation is connectiing with fans and followers on their Facebook page and Twitter , as well as using the hashtag #SupportCincinnati to get the Tri-State talking. So connect with them, and cast your vote in the LIDS Foundation’s “Tip of the Hat” campaign!

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