Anderson Twp. kids shop to benefit area families this holiday season

ANDERSON TWP, Ohio - "The joy of giving" is an idea we all talk about around this time of year. However some students in the area are doing a lot more than talking about that concept this holiday season.

Students from Anderson Township went shopping at a local target Thursday night. Their goal: Buy presents for some 300 Tri-State families in need.

"With three schools that participated -- Nagel Middle School, Wilson Elementary, Summit Elementary -- we collected over $6,500 in just nickels, dimes and quarters that kids brought in." said Jennifer Schlosser, the Forest Hills service coordinator. "They worked hard, did extra chores."

The purchased presents will go to families through the Beech Acres Parenting Center .

Boys in the group picked out the "guy stuff" and the girls picked out what they thought would delight little girls.

The kids will take part in the next step of the process next week, when approximately 300 volunteers will gather to wrap the presents.

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