And 'The Big Idea' is? Concept for promoting preschool got public, judges to sit up and take notice

CINCINNATI - So what's the "Big Idea?" It's a public art project that will bring attention the importance of a quality preschool experience for local children.

Jennifer Dauer is the grand prize winner of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation's "Big Idea" challenge. Her concept, called Cincinnati Preschool Promise "Little Kid Gig," garnered votes from the public and got the judges to sit up and take notice.

The goal of "Little Kid Gig” is to ensure "a chair for every child in a quality preschool."  As described on the "Big Idea" website, Dauer's  idea has four primary components:

  1. Kid-sized chairs will be decorated by local children, families, artists and local/national celebrities
  2. Chairs will be used for high-impact, PR-worthy public art installations around Greater Cincinnati
  3. Chairs will be auctioned off or "endowed" to raise funds in support of the Preschool Promise
  4. Inspired by ArtWorks' successful "Big Pig Gig" public art project

Dauer's winning idea will be rewarded with a $50,000 grant to turn the concept into reality.

The Foundation asked people to vote for their favorite “Big Idea” in September. The challenge was based on two questions:

How many times have you found yourself with an idea that could better shape your community? If you had an opportunity to share that idea, see it flourish and become reality, would you pursue it?

“We really hoped to connect with people of all ages and to gather their inspiration and creativity for making our community a more vibrant place,” said Elizabeth Reiter Benson, vice president of Marketing and Communications for the Foundation.

There are winners in the contest's seven categories--winners determined by votes from members of the public. Dauer garnered the most votes in her category.

In addition to cash prizes of $500 to $1,000, the foundation will also find a nonprofit organization to implement the winning category ideas and provide grants to get those ideas rolling.


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