Alisha Waters wants Kentucky to toughen up stalking laws with House Bill 501

FLORENCE, Ky. -- A woman wants the Kentucky legislature to pass a bill that would make cyber stalking laws tougher, months after a shooting changed her life forever.

Alisha Waters was shot Aug. 6, 2013, by her estranged husband, who then took his own life outside her workplace in Fort Thomas. A bullet severed her spinal cord, taking away her ability to move from the neck down.

"I went from being a 31-year-old woman who could do anything," Waters said, "to being stuck at mom's."

One piece at a time, Waters works to put her life back together, but permanent injuries from the shooting make it difficult at times.

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Waters' fight seeks to help others. She looks to Kentucky lawmakers to pass House Bill 501, which as she hopes, will keep others from enduring the pain and struggle she went through.

"I think anyone who has heard or read about Alisha's story has to be moved by it," State Representative Tom Kerr, a Republican from Taylor Mill said.

Kerr filed the bill - it would add cyber stalking and psychological torture to Kentucky's stalking laws. Alisha has lobbied for the law through a website and petition.

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Waters sought a protective order against her estranged husband weeks before she was shot, and was denied because of a lack of threat of physical violence.

Waters and Representative Kerr want that law changed, but its prospects are dim with only two days left in Kentucky's legislative session."I know that it will take some time," Waters said. "Nothing happens over night. We just gotta keep pushing forward and striving to get where we want."


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