About $2 million of Hamilton Township's missing money furthers investigation efforts

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Warren County's south central township has questions to answer as it faces $2 million in mismanaged funds, and an open fiscal officer seat.

Long-time Hamilton Township fiscal officer Jackie Terwilleger resigned Friday after she became the center of an investigation into mismanaged funds .

A Warren County prosecutor then began claims of mismanaged money, falsified checks and unauthorized payments.

At a meeting Monday evening, officials addressed a 2004 auditor warning about Terwilleger's books, and why no action or precaution was taken.

"The fiscal officer is separate from the trustees, they're an autonomous person," Trustee Eugene Duvelius said. "We have to base our decisions off the information they provide us. As far as the certifying of funds, and as we have found now through different audits and different checks and balances that were put into place to try to make sure this doesn't happen, we found it did happen."

Hamilton Township officials put a word out about hiring a new fiscal officer to replace Terwilleger, and that interviews are being held. They'd like to fill that spot within a month.

Recent audits of the township's finances cite several questionable financial practices and multiple examples of improper bookkeeping. Officials said Friday that they're assuming the $2 million in question pertains to human error, and that the money could have been well spent.

A public hearing about the township's finances is scheduled for April 5.

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