4.3 magnitude earthquake hits Eastern Ky., felt in Tri-State

CINCINNATI - The U.S. Geological Survey has confirmed a 4.3 magnitude occurred in Eastern Kentucky Saturday afternoon.

The USGS has indicated the earthquake originated just west of Whitesburg, Ky., at 12:08 p.m. and lasted for about 15 seconds. A possible aftershock was reported in Hazard, Ky., about 90 minutes later, according to the agency's website.

9 News is receiving numerous reports from people across the Tri-State who claim to have felt the tremor. Calls have been received from as far away as Butler, Ky.

Marian and Bill Hartmann, both 87, were on their couch in the living room of their sixth-floor apartment at the Current at the Banks when they felt the earthquake.

"The lamp shades were swinging, not hard but swinging," Marian Hartmann said. "The flowers were moving and the chandelier in the dining room was moving a little too."

"To me, it was almost like a television picture that would go back and forth," Bill Hartmann said. "It was just a weird feeling."

According to the Whitesburg Fire Department, the epicenter of the earthquake was about eight miles west of Whitesburg, which is near the Virgina border.

The USGS website indicates that most earthquake activity in Kentucky has occurred in the western portion of the state, near the New Madrid seismic zone.

The earthquake is believed to have been felt by residents in Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana and Georgia.

This event has been reviewed and confirmed by a seismologist.

You can monitor information on the the USGS website .

History of earthquakes being felt in Northern Kentucky

While earthquakes have been felt in Northern Kentucky, earthquakes with epicenters in the region are slightly less frequent. According to the USGS, one memorable earthquake with an epicenter in the area occurred near the mouth of the Ohio River on Dec. 7, 1915. The USGS reports, "Buildings were strongly shaken, windows and dishes rattled, and loose objects were shaken in western Kentucky and adjoining regions (intensity V-VI). The total felt area covered 60,000 square miles."

The USGS website indicates reports of earthquakes being felt in Northern Kentucky date back to 1779.

For more information on earthquake history in Kentucky, Ohio and around the nation, visit the history portion of the USGS website.

Viewer comments

Jeanette Harris from Cincinnati:  "I live in Forest Park and I could have sworn I felt a tremor sitting on my bed in my bedroom. My husband also stated he was leaving Tri County mall and thought he heard a rumbling sound and my sister is raking leaves and she thought she heard a rumbling sound also."

Nick Wainscott: "Earthquake felt in Fairfield all the way to Batavia."

VL Sprague: "I live in Colerain Twp. and my friend lives in Corinth, KY. We both felt it for about 20-30 seconds."

George Morgan: "Small earth tremor at 12:10 PM today felt in Miami Twp. Clermont County. at the above address. Enough to shake my computer monitor sitting on a desk in a basement (concrete slab). Not enough to damage anything, but definitely an earthquake."

Amy Sharp of Corinth, Ky.: "My husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table and the whole house began to shake. I watched our security camera and it showed that actually off and on for four minutes there was shaking going on with the worst of it toward the end of the four minutes."

Valerie Huff: "I felt the earthquake Saturday afternoon.. in Milan Indiana."

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