6 cool winter tricks: Boiling water into snow, instant ice, frozen bubbles, ice on fire and more

School is closed. The office has shut down for the day. Your flight to Miami? Canceled. Now you're stuck inside all day. After a while, watching the fire and drinking hot cocoa gets old.

So, how can you keep your spirits up and mind active?

Check out these cool tricks that are perfect for the extreme cold weather wizard in us all. We don't recommend you necessarily try these tricks, but rather spare yourself the trip outdoors and press play instead.

Pots of boiling water can turn to snow when the temps drop below zero.

Pot of boiling water doesn't thrill you? Check out this boiling water gun making snow.

Maybe you're too cold to feel warm (or, at least, to feel your toes). How does a little ice on fire sound?

If you want to amaze a kid (or yourself) check out what happens to a bubble when temps plummet below zero.

You might file these next two videos, instant ice and "self-freezing" cola, away for those hot summer days...



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