54-year-old woman hopes national TV contest helps her earn spot on Ben-Gals

CINCINNATI -- A local 54-year-old math teacher made a splash on national television to show off the glamorous new look she hopes will land her a job as an NFL cheerleader.

On Wednesday, Brenda Gold revealed her dream makeover on “Live with Kelly and Michael .”

Morning-show hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan gawked over the School of Creative and Performing Art educator the moment she stepped on stage.

"Look how sexy this is," said Ripa, pointing out her stylish dress, high heels and professionally applied make-up.

Gold also received a sexy new hairdo. She plans to donate the remnants of her once-flowing blonde locks to cancer patients.

"Coming from a guy who came from sports, you can cheer for my team anytime," said Strahan, a former standout with the New York Giants.

"I got really excited about that. That was really cool," Gold said.

The high school math teacher then strutted her stuff in front of a live studio audience in New York City and millions of viewers around the world.

She also spoke highly of the students and staff at her school after she showed off the prize she won in “LIVE's Look As Young As You Feel Makeover " contestant.

"I really appreciate all the support that everybody at SCPA has given me," she said, jokingly adding that her new look is a little more appropriate for where she works. "A lot of our kids are all about being seen and on stage and so to have their teacher do the same, I think is very exciting."

Despite the support, Gold said she didn’t expect her students to watch her on TV because she didn't want a little fun to get in the way of their studies.

"Honestly, we have Ohio graduation tests coming up, which is very serious, and I do teach 10th grade, so yeah, they do need to be focused on those things right now," she said. She added that they'd get to see her Thursday when she returns to work.

On her first day back, Gold sported a hip leather jacket as she was welcome to school with "oohs" and "ahhs" from students and staff alike.

! was so shocked and I was very excited for her becuase I knew that she had been wanting this," said student Olivia Shook. "When I talked to her on the phone a couple of days ago, she said that she was having a blast so I knew she was going to look great."

Even though the fanfare and support were flattering, Gold is trying to stay focused on her main goal. She wants to become a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader.

"Now, I really think I can do this."

Teacher By Day, Ben-Gal By Night?

Some seem to think having a relatively conservative day job means she wants to spend her time traveling, going to shows or picking up any number of off-the-wall hobbies.

Even though she doesn't hate those things, that's not all she's interested in doing with her life. In fact, she has her eyes set on a much more colorful pastime – one that's decked out in orange and black.

The West Side resident said it is her dream to dance with the cheerleading squad of the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ben-Gals.

To help prepare for her audition in May, Gold said she signed up for 10 practice dance classes to train to be a Ben-Gal. Those begin March 4.

She also plans to attend some of the squad’s workshops, though she's not ashamed to admit she's already in great shape.

One of Gold's primary strengths is her personality, which she describes as "positive and enthusiastic." She also likes to point out half-seriously that she was named "most spirited" in high school.

And she's not going into this tryout on a whim, either. She has also trained for this her entire life, taking part in dance classes her entire life and cheerleading from the time she was in sixth grade.

But while she has the passion to make the team and is capable of performing the necessary dance skills, she believes she needs a little help in the glamor department.

"I noticed that they wanted glamor," she said after the reviewing contract for the tryout.

The Bengals and several other NFL franchises recently came under fire for the lengthy list of model-like requirements they have for their cheerleaders.

Despite their lofty set of standards, Gold isn't going to give up her dream -- and neither are Ripa and Strahan.

Gold sent a heartfelt plea to the hosts of the popular morning show “Live with Kelly and Michael” to help her achieve her goal.

"The show can glam me up, and maybe they can get me ready try out for the Bengals cheerleading squad."

Her aim is to win the program’s makeover contest. Its intended purpose is to give "age-defying" new looks -- a head-to-toe makeover, a shopping spree and a fresh hairstyle -- to a handful of people preparing for a special life event.

Or, in Gold’s case, a new part-time job.

“I am 54 years old and a math teacher at School for Creative & Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am going through my

second divorce and decided to try out for the BenGals Cheerleading squad. I really want to be a BenGal!!!!” she wrote in a message to show producers.

“But, in order to do that, I seriously need a lot of glamour! I think that I can do the dance steps, and I think that I can get in shape enough to do this, but I really need some glamour lessons! I know you are probably thinking that there is no way that a 54-year old woman can do this, but I really think that I can.”

The people at “LIVE” were so impressed by Gold’s note that they chose her and two other applicants to appear on the show during the week of Feb. 24-28. Each person gets to model their transformation on-air.

Producer Michael Gelman said Gold's willingness to go after he dreams is what impressed him most. He also called her decision to compete for a spot on the Ben-Gals against women 1/3 her age "really amazing."

"The fact that she wants to be a cheerleader, and wants to try out is really amazing," he said.

Gold wanted the world to watch when she made her TV debut.

"I am so excited!!!! I was chosen as one of three finalists to appear on the Live with Kelly and Michael Show on about February 26th!!!!! If I win, I get to fly to Hollywood to hang out on the Red Carpet for the Oscars on March 2nd!!!! They are going to provide GLAMOUR!!!!!" she wrote on Facebook shortly after finding out the news Feb. 11.

"So PLEASE vote for me online between February 26th and 27th!!!!!! I want to go to Hollywood and be a Glamour queen!!!!!"

One of the three finalists will win a trip for two to Los Angeles, Calif. The trip comes with seats at the Academy Awards red carpet and tickets to "LIVE's After Oscar Show."

Of course, just meeting Ripa and Strahan and visiting New York City isn't a bad consolation prize.

“P.s. I am not going to lie, I really want to meet you both! You are both awesome!!! Michael, are we "ALL IN"??”

After the last makeover airs on the show, "LIVE's" viewers will vote determine the grand prize winner. The lucky person will be announced Friday, Feb. 28, on during the show.

You can cast your vote on the show's website .

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