50 Flying Pig runners take accidental wrong turn

CINCINNATI -- About 50 Flying Pig runners took a wrong turn early into Sunday's 26.2-mile course, which made the grueling race even longer.

The detour started at Gest and Linn streets and added an extra quarter-mile for runners, according to Iris Simpson Bush, executive director of the Flying Pig Marathon.

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No one has yet determined what caused participants to leave the course and organizers believe the pack that got off track was large enough that the lagging group behind them lost sight of those ahead. That's when runners turned at the wrong place.

Before the runners ran too far out of their way, Flying Pig volunteers steered them back onto the right road and finally back toward the finish line.

"I really believe that they took it in stride and yes, there was disappointment," Simpson Bush said. "Those competitive runners are running for time, so we never want to rob them of that time. It was a very small group, again, corrected. The vast majority of the 20,000 people out there were on course and the race came off as expected."

Even though the path didn't go as planned for several dozen runners, Simpson Bush believes the mishap didn't stop anyone from winning.

Two runners who went off course told Simpson Bush that they recorded their personal best times when they finished Sunday's race.

For any runners whose time was affected when they ran off course, Simpson Bush said they will receive entry free of charge to next year's Flying Pig.

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