4 pounds of cocaine, $100,000 seized and 6 arrested after Cincinnati drug ring broken up

CINCINNATI - Six people were arrested when a drug ring was broken up by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

Chief deputy Sean Donovan reported Wednesday afternoon the arrests of six individuals who were allegedly involved in the distribution of large quantities of cocaine and heroin in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Arrested were:

Arron Stubblefield, 3650 Allview Circle  -  Charged with trafficking in drugs/possession of drugs
Tommy ONeal, 1682 Windmill Court  -  Charged with trafficking in drugs/possession of drugs
Darnell Portis, Atlanta, Georgia  -  Charged with trafficking in drugs/conspiracy
Bryon Hyde, 10939 Crystal Hill Court   -  Charged with conspiracy
Chimere Magette, 3650 Allview Circle  -  Charged with permitting drug abuse
Kenyata Magette, 2722 Queen City Avenue  -  Charged with permitting drug abuse

Donovan said that Stubblefield and O'Neal were responsible for the distribution of the drugs to local dealers, including Hyde and others who have not been arrested yet. Stubblefield and O'Neal allegedly obtained the drugs from Portis, who traveled back and forth between Atlanta and Cincinnati.

Once delivered, the drugs were stored at Cincinnati residences under the control of sisters Chimere and Kenyata Magette.

More than four pounds of cocaine, one pound of heroin and over $100,000.00 in drug trafficking derived assets were seized by deputies during residence and vehicle searches Tuesday and Wednesday.

All defendants have been arraigned in Hamilton County Municipal Court, and are detained at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

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