18-year-old Bluffton University kicker to tell story of determination on Good Morning America

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Countless surgeries have yet to keep an 18-year-old Bluffton University kicker off the field and away from his dreams.

Andrew Donnellon is a freshman at Bluffton, and was his high school football team's starting kicker at Purcell Marian in Cincinnati. That's where he earned his nickname, "Tinman."

Donnellon is set to appear on Good Morning America Friday morning, where he will share his story of determination and beating the odds.

Coming out of three open heart surgeries and countless others, Donnellon's heart only functions on the right side. The left side of his heart, which pumps oxygen, doesn't work at all.

"I call Andrew my million dollar kid because of all the surgeries he's had," Donnellon's father said.

"They originally told my parents when I grew up I wouldn't be able to play sports whatsoever," Andrew Donnellon said.

But the doctors were wrong. Andrew wants others to know that nothing should get in the way of their dreams.

"No matter what you're going through, someone somewhere else is going through something a thousand times worse," Andrew said. "Keep your head up, a positive outlook and good things will come."

Andrew and his family are scheduled to be on Good Morning America between 8 and 9 a.m. Friday. A much deserved weekend for Andrew, he is set to fly to New York City Thursday morning.


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