Local businesses help tornado victims

It's only been a month—but it's already been a long road to recovery for so many victims of the tornadoes that tore through Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

It has also resulted in communities coming together and pitching in, helping their fellow neighbor.

"There's so much bad stuff that we see. That's why I love this job because I get to see all the good stuff. People step up and respond," said Ralph Bradburn, executive director of the Northern Kentucky St. Vincent De Paul stores.

His four Northern Kentucky-based stores were collecting money for the tornado victims. All proceeds from Saturday's sales will be donated to the relief fund.

"It's pretty simple. Our mission here is to help folks that need [it]. There are so many people in our community that have been impacted by these tornadoes that we have to be there to help them," said Bradburn.

It is estimated that it will take 700 days for people to fully recover from the tornado's devastation, he said. And he wants to be one of those who is with them on all 700 days helping where he can.

"A lot of these people are people that have never needed help before and they're embarrassed to even ask for help and it's like 'no, no, no. That's why we're here.'"

On any given day, he said their sales are about $5,000—but he's hoping that for the cause he will raise at least $15,000.

"A lot of people that never needed help before, now they've pretty much lost everything and need help putting the pieces back together."

The owner of Grover's Dollar Store in Blue Ash, said his store, in partnership with the Cub Scouts and Matthew 25 Ministries, will be collecting donations on Sunday. On other days, he has been giving customers 10-percent off their purchase if they donated $5 or more.

"A lot of people that was devastated by the tornadoes that hit last month, right now they really need help," said Taylor.

The business owner said while he has no connection to any of the severe weather victims that doesn't matter.

"Down in my heart, I know these people need help and that's the way that I can help them."

If you want to donate, you can do so by visiting his store in Blue Ash at, 4126 Hunt Road , or by going to SVDPnky.org and donating through St. Vincent De Paul.

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