Lipstick with lead? ABC's 'GMA' conducts test on lipsticks, glosses

CINCINNATI - Does lipstick contain lead? It's an unnerving question to think about considering millions of women purchase countless tubes of color and gloss every year.

Though lead warnings are nothing new, the fact that they're become more prevalent in everyday items is. Last month the I-Team's Hagit Limor did a report on the amount of lead found in purses, which led to surprising results .

In a similar fashion, ABC's "Good Morning America" conducted lead tests on several lipstick brands, styles and shades.

As "GMA" reports, a total of 22 lipsticks and lip glosses were taken to the Underwriter Laboratories for lead testing. Using the same testing methods as the U.S. government, UL found that 55 percent (or 12 out of 22) lipsticks/glosses contained trace amounts of lead.

The study found either levels ranging from non-detectable to 3.22 parts per million. The state of California's lead limit for lipstick is 5 parts per million and Europe is 10 parts per million.

Though it seems like an alarming percentage, "GMA" says the levels were actually not illegal because there is no federal limit for lead in cosmetics.

For that reason anti-lead activists argue that lead should be removed from all products. Activists say children are at risk because a pregnant woman wearing lipstick can internally pass lead to her child.

The FDA says small amounts of lead are safe while the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no safe level of lead for a child, as GMA reports.

The study also found there was no pattern was found in detecting lead in the products. Whether the lipstick was Asian-made or American-made, red or pink, the results were across the board.

The report did not specify what brands were tested.

To read the full "GMA" report visit .

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