Interrogation video from Sarah Jones case released

Sarah Jones questioned about rumors in video

COVINGTON, Ky. - On Monday, 9 News gained access to video of ex Ben-Gal cheerleader and former Northern Kentucky teacher Sarah Jones being interviewed by police in November 2011.

Jones admitted to having sex with one of her students, and now that her criminal case is over, the video has been released.

In the video, Jones sat in the questioning room with her mother Cheryl at her side as investigators tried to find out whether rumors about Sarah having sexual relations with a student were true.

"Somebody posted something untrue about me in December 2009, saying I slept with the Bengals and students in the classroom," Jones stated.

She told investigators that she had been dealing with posts like this for several years.

"I went under oath less than a year ago," she said. "The only person I had sex with was my husband whom I'm now married to."

Jones said all of these rumors made it extremely tough to teach.

She told investigators one student on the cheerleading team that she coached for continued to spread rumors about her.

"So, we're doing this because a student is saying this," Jones asked. "Correct. That's why we want to talk," the investigator said. "It's better not to make it into something bigger than it's not."

"I just heard last week, someone said I was recently sexually active with Cody," Jones said.

The rumors continued to spread. Jones said someone claimed she texted student Cody York during lunch at school.

"Do you know Cody York," the investigator asked. "Yes, I had Cody freshman year," Jones said. "I know his parents."

When Jones pleaded guilty to her charges at the beginning of the month, she admitted to having sex with York, who is now 18, and walked out of the courtroom with him hand in hand.

Jones admitted she and York had "a sexual relationship and sexual intercourse."

In exchange for Jones' guilty plea, the prosecution dropped the charge to sexual misconduct. Jones will not have to register as a sex offender or go to jail. She was sentenced to five years probation.

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