The cost of this winter across the Tri-State

CINCINNATI — When you woke up Monday, did you sigh and shake your head?

Here we go again: Rain turned to ice and snow. Lots and lots of snow. Models indicated between four and seven inches of snow was expected at various parts of the Tri-State Monday.

Imagine being the finance directors of the area's various municipalities, where this winter has cost most tens of thousands —and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars—in overtime. At the same time, salt supplies are beyond dwindling, they are dangerously low.

See where this winter has left several communities in terms of overtime costs and salt use. Click on each bar to view exact totals for this winter season.


View Tri-State Snow Stats

Reporting contributed by: Jessica Noll, Kevin Osborne, Kareem Elgazzar, Taylor Mirfendereski. 

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