INTERACTIVE: War chests grow for state Democrat and Repulican parties ahead of 2014 elections

CINCINNATI - The 2014 elections are nearly a year away, but the war chests of Ohio’s major political parties are already growing.

Campaign finance reports filed early this month with the Ohio Secretary of State show that Ohio state Democrat and Republican parties collected at least $3.54 million between them this year.

The reports show the state Democrat party receiving the most money -- $2.04 million in contributions and other financial transfers, while state Republicans collected $1.5 million.

The biggest difference in totals, thus far, is where the money is coming from. State Democrats have collected nearly five times more money from outside Ohio than their Republican counterparts.

State Republicans hold a big edge over Democrats in the number of individual contributions, and have raised about $200,000 from people describing themselves as individuals on contribution forms.

But state Democrats kept a stronghold on their traditional support group, political action committees, raising more than $700,000 compared to about $23,000 for Republicans.

Both parties collected the most money during October, just before the last general election, with Democrats raking in about $692,000 and Republicans collecting about $238,000.

Use the interactive graphic to see how contributions were collected during the past year.

The map shows states where either or both parties received money, and shaded to show which party received the most money. Click on any state to see details on how much money was raised.

The charts show how much money was raised by both parties by month, location and type of contributor.


View map of contributions View line graph of contributions View pie charts of contributions

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