US Air Force to train at UC Health New Critical Care Stimulator Center

CINCINNATI -- UC Health became a home to a high-tech simulation center Wednesday that will soon train physicians, US Air Force teams and regional first responders in critical care and transport medicine.

The 12 mannequins were designed to mimic the actions and conditions of critically injured patients. They talk, breathe, bleed, seize and cry. They respond to treatments given by the training team.

At the center of the facility is a control room equipped with 24 cameras to view and record the live simulations for later training.  At any point during the stimulation, the control room can send messages to the patient to cause an unexpected medical condition, like severe respiratory or cardiac difficulties.

"We can train people who must work in very difficult environment, the pre-hospital arena, the military environment.  Let's practice very difficult scenarios, change them up, make them hard, make people learn so when they face the real thing they're ready," Dr. Art Pianciolo, Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at UC Health said.

The Simulation Center is an extension of the C-STARS simulation center in University of Cincinnati Medical Center. C-STARS (Center for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills) is a joint program between UC Medical Center and the US Air Force that offers training for military medical personnel in trauma and critical care.

UC Health will use the facility to train physicians, residents, medical students, nursing and medical staff. Future supervised training opportunities will open to regional fire/EMS departments, UC Health employees and UC students enrolled in health care degree programs.





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