Tips to avoid the aches and pains of holiday travel

CINCINNATI -- Traffic jams, bad weather, airport delays, heavy baggage, unfamiliar beds and long periods of sitting are all par for the course this time of year.

Holiday travel does not have to wreck your body and leave you aching. Easy ideas like packing a pillow and a tennis ball could help ease your travel woes.

Wellness expert Mary Beth Knight offers these tips to keep your holiday pain free:

  • Overnight stay? Pack your pillow! A change in pillow height or support level is sure to turn into a pain in the neck and can even be the reason for that “uh=oh I can’t turn my head” problem. Avoid neck pain by packing your pillow. Even one night can and will cause pain, so if you are on the go, make sure your pillow is too!
  • Take a tennis ball with you. Place the ball underneath one leg, between your back and the seat back along the entire length of the spine, moving the ball every 15-20 minutes and then repeat on the other side The tennis ball will prevent the muscles from over-tightening and stimulate blood flow to them which will decrease muscle stiffness.
  • Eat foods rich in Omega Threes or take an Omega Three supplement. Omega three’s remodel the joints after use and prevent breakdown and wear and tear. This simple dietary change can reduce joint pain within days.
  • Use a postural aid! Poor posture is sure to cause headaches, backaches, hip and knee pain as well as digestive issues. When seated for more than 20 minutes use an aid like the BackJoy Posture Plus to ensure proper posture and a reduction of pressure on the sciatic nerve. Even those of us with good posture are prone to forgetting to sit properly in cars, airplanes, at our desk or even on the coach, the use of a postural aid will help create ling lasting postural muscle memory and reduce pain.
  • Hydrate! Fluid is key to proper joint function. Maintain a regular intake of 64 ounces of water per day throughout the holiday season!

What holiday travel tips do you swear by? Tell us in the comment box below!

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